Starting a Bowling Alley

Bowling is a hobby and a sport, ideal for the whole family. The sport is enjoyed by millions of people across the country each year. With such a demand for the sport, and with the appeal growing each year, it represents a serious business venture. Today we look at the potential of this business, and how you can become part of it.

The Motivation Behind Opening a Bowling Alley Business

People get involved in bowling because they are looking for a way to bring some form of entertainment to the local residents. While researching for a new business venture, many people find that bowling is one of the businesses that has not been explored in an area and seek to take up the challenge.

The bowling venue represents a cash-flow business that gives back 20 percent in earnings before the deductions such as depreciation, amortization and taxes. The centres also have long life cycles that do not come with accounts receivables.

The Cost of Starting One

The amount of capital needed to start a bowling venue depends on the type of centre and how big it is. However, the good news is that the lending centres are willing to fund up to 70 percent of the start-up capital for you, which means you only need to come up with 30 percent.

Additionally, the popularity of the sport makes it easy to get returns and recoup your money.

The kind of centre will depend on what you have in mind and what the community needs. You can decide to come up with a centre that also offers food and beverages, though having bowling as the centre of attraction. This way you can get revenue from both food and drinks as well as bowling.

You can also decide to come up with a family entertainment centre that is designed to offer different forms of experiences for the whole family. At such a centre, all ages are catered for.

How Do You Choose the Venue

Coming up with the venue for the bowling alley needs a lot of research into market practices and customer behaviour. You need to have a venue that allows most of your customers access to the bowling alley.

You also need to undertake market research to find out what area has the greatest potential, because as much as you are providing a sport for the whole family, you are looking at a way to make money. You cannot make money when you locate the alley in a place where the income of the people does not allow them to spend so much in the business.

The best location is in an urban place, or a suburban area. The types of bowling centres you plan to open are what dictate the location. For instance, a family entertainment centre is more likely to succeed in a suburban area compared to an urban location.

Learn About Starting the Business

The good thing about current times is that we have information online to help you open up a successful centre. You can check out what other people have gone through and read about feasibility studies posted by independent groups regarding different regions. You can also join a bowling community and ask experts about their opinion regarding the centre. Feel It Strike gives you a look at a few bowling balls and tips to use them.

Additionally, the bowling association in the country is more than willing to assist you to start the business, and help you grow it the right way. They can even bring some business your way by hosting bowling competitions at your venue.

The Startup Process

A typical startup process for this business entails performing a feasibility study to determine the scope and size of this project. The study provides you, the owner with demographic information so that you can determine the kinds of people you are going to deal with. This helps you to understand the potential customer base and helps you make decisions regarding the various parts of the business.

You also have to determine the current level of competition so that you know what you are going up against and how to prepare yourself.

Final Thoughts

Starting a bowling centre is a business that can give you the kind of returns that you need, and keep you busy at the same time.