How to Run Contests the Right Way on Instagram

When looking for a chance to connect with new clients and win them over to your store, using contests is one of the best ways to do it. Many businesses go with the “tag a friend to win” strategy that becomes a requirement to be part of the contest.

There are a few problems with this approach, however.

The first issue is that this goes against the policies of Instagram, and could lead to loss of your account. The second issue is that it is not effective at all, even if you get away with it in the first place. There are better ways to get the customers you want to buy what you are offering.

Instead of spamming your followers and having your followers spam their friends as well, you can use some tools and strategies to connect with your customers. Here are the tips you can follow.

Automate the Instagram Contests

You can automate the different tasks that are part of the contest, such as posting of content that makes the contest. If you are using Instagram Stories to run the contest, you can automate the posting so that content is delivered at particular times. Once the content is posted, your followers can do what they need to do to enter the contest.

You can also use direct messaging that comes with some bots to notify new followers about the contest and to inform those that have won. You can also use the DMs to share special announcements again and again.

Share the Requirements of the Contest

Many contests on Instagram have a lot of requirements that a follower needs to complete actually to participate in the contest. This can be liking the page, visiting a page, signing up, submitting an image and more.

What you request should be within the limits of Instagram, and something that the users won’t find hard to do. When listing various requirements, make sure you start with the most important ones first and the less trivial last. If you place the important ones last, the followers might take it as an afterthought and forego it.

You can also post the rules of the contest on a landing page and link to it so that the followers know about the requirements from the word go.

Go for Visibility

Capturing some information for the contest shouldn’t be a priority, instead, aim to increase the levels of engagement that can benefit you greatly. Not only will user-generated contests give you a lot of information to use later on, but it also makes you more visible to your followers.

Running Instagram photo contests present a great opportunity for such an engagement. You can pick some of the ideas and repost them as your own.

When your followers upload images that have a connection to your brand, there is a high chance that at least a few of their followers get a chance to check out the message, and might follow you. The chance to win a prize, and especially from a company that their friend supports – they will most likely sign up for the contest and give you leads that you need. To give you better visibility, visit website to know more about Socially Rich, which guarantees you thousands of followers for your profile.

Use the Right Hashtags

After creating the landing page and outlining the requirements, it is time to come up with a way to make the contest as visible as you can. One of the ways to do this is to use the right kind of hashtags in the contest posts.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to running contests, you need to make sure you work smart for them to give you the leads you desire.